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Welcome to Dead People's Stuff "Architectural Antiques + Design"

12 Dec 2016

Welcome! Our goal with Dead People's Stuff is the idea of traveling all across the glob in search of all kinds of interesting artifacts. We see our store as a place where interior designers, builders and everyday clients feel inspired by theses structural antiques that are being salvaged from historic buildings, while also blending a unique modern design to accommodate to all different types of projects.  

Our latest buying trip was to India where we were able to acquire handmade organic rugs of all shapes and sizes made in the state of Kashmir a mountain region in India. We are also currently working on putting together a shipping container full of unique artifacts from England and around Europe that include anywhere from industrial lights, doors, windows, etc. 

We will also be sharing the transformation of our 1940's building which was once home to the Caterpillar (CAT) business. Besides DPS we are currently also working on renovating it and bringing a modern industrial updated look while keeping a lot of the original art deco features and character of the building. 


Our goal for this property is to be a one stop shop for creating a unique experience for okies and travelers alike. With DPS occupying 20,000 sq ft we see opportunities for the east warehouse to be either a restaurant, brewery, coffee shop, bar/tasting room, event center combination all in one. Also, we enjoy the idea of shared office working environment for builders, interior decorators and designers. On the opposite west size of the building we would also love to have skilled welders, carpenters and artist in a similar shared collaborative working environment. The dream for 1900 Linwood is to have as many partnering ventures and different vendors under one roof as possible. 

Currently, we have been working on adding new windows all around the building bringing in tons of natural lighting. We are polishing the original terrazzo floors, exposing the original brick, LED lighting all around the building and much more to come. 

We hope you all come visit us soon, we are open while the building is being renovated but we are enthusiastically working towards our re grand opening next spring 2019. An extensive remodel is underway and new inventory from the UK, India and Europe as well as domestically is already arriving so follow us on social media and we will keep you updated on all the fun. 

Marymar Fierros
25 Sep 2021

If you are interested in selling, please send us an email with pictures and price. Our email is [email protected]

Thank you!
Lisa A
24 Sep 2021
We have 2 beautiful Wardrobe/Vanity sets. They both are from England. One is a MidCentury set with a Lady's /Gentleman's wardrobe and a matching vanity with an attachable mirror. The other is from the 1930's. It has the wardrobe and matching vanity with attachable mirror.
We are moving and unfortunately won't have room for them.
Marymar Fierros
13 Aug 2021
Hi Donna,

Were remodeling the three buildings and converting them into apartments!
Donna Taylor
20 Jun 2021
What are your plans for the building on Penn close to NW 39th street? I probably can’t afford your stuff but I would love to browse you place.
thomas searls
31 Mar 2021
Love the name and the logo!

In this age of over-PC-ness and playing it safe - it's nice to see a company stepping out from the fray and having some fun with it.

Fact is - none of us get out of here alive. Why not enjoy the ride - enjoy stuff that gave those who went before us joy - gives us joy - and is meant to be shared?

Beautiful store and an amazing selection of truly unique inventory.
Ridge Kayser
3 Jan 2021
LOVE the name of your business! I'll be driving over in a few months from Tulsa to shop, because I need some "Dean Man's Stuff" for a project house I'm restoring.
Suzanne Dixon
20 Aug 2020
Uneasy with the name of your business.
Leigh Williams
11 Dec 2019
I have a beautiful brass fireplace screen that I am getting rid of. A friend recommended your business. Do you buy pieces like that or would you pick up? It’s unique and was undoubtedly expensive when first purchased but not my style
Nancy Quin
9 Jul 2019
So great to hear the vision and apply a word of support to your venture. Thank you for bringing a big touch of class to OKC. Best Regards, Nancy
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