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5 Things You Should Know Before Buying an Antique Door

8 Jul 2022
by Sherry Viveros

Hi Skeleton friends! 

Here's the deal. Choosing an antique door for your home should not have to be so confusing or difficult. For some it may be easy breezy, but I know when I first came into the antique space I had no idea what to expect. Luckily you're reading this blog so you have nothing to worry about! So let me tell you the 5 things you should know before purchasing a door. These tips apply to new, vintage or antique doors. 

1. Make sure you know your measurements.

Not all doors are built with the same measurements. You may be moving into a home with custom build door frames, you may be living in an older, or newer home. All these factors can change the measurements of your door. Make sure to measure the height, width and depth of your doorframe. 

2. Are you looking for an exterior or interior door? 

This matters! Generally exterior doors are thicker than interior doors, for security and energy efficiency purposes. Exterior doors are generally at least 1 3/4" thick.

3. Know which way your door swings. 

Here are the different ways your door can swing. 

  • Left hand in-swing
  • Left hand out-swing
  • Right hand in-swing
  • Right hand out-swing. 

This will determine what side of the door your hinges must be located on. 

4. Determine what hardware you need on the door. 

You have options! Do you need a door knob, a latch, push/pull plates, a lever etc. Thats completely up to you. Before picking a door, know what hardware you will require. 

5. Do your neighborhood research!

Do you plan on replacing your front door and live in a historic neighborhood? If the answer to my questions are yes and yes then check in with your neighborhood association. Ask if you need to follow certain requirements, guidelines and/or if you need to get approval on a certain style before making any changes to your front door. 

Thats all friends. Hope you find the antique door of your dreams!

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